Advice: Being A TL and Maintaining Friendships with Agents!

Dear Ate Helen, I think I will be promoted to TL soon. I’m currently the OIC of the team, and our OM said that the announcement will be next month. I just have to continue on with my good work. My question is this, I’m really close to the agents here, and once I’m their TL, I will need to really start imposing the rules. I’m just scared that I might lose some friends in the process. -Eliza, Laguna BPO


Dear Eliza, it’s really a hard transition especially for us Filipinos given our strong drive for “pakikisama” – but there are a lot of cases out there where a TL has maintained a high and respected status of leadership, and at the same time, maintained friendships with agents. Here are a few tips:

  • Always be objective. Apply the rules to everyone: to your best friend and to agents that you are not close with. And if you can, use your greatest judgement for when you can allow small violations to slide.
  • Defend your agents. If there is a team grievance, then don’t hesitate to escalate to your manager. Your agents should not only see you as the guy who applies the rules, but also as the guy whom they can go to when they have problems. Essentially, the more approachable you are, the better you will be as a TL.

Good luck Eliza, I have a feeling that you will go far! –Ate H.


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