Advice: Ang Alamat ng Call Center Leave Conversion!

Dear Ate Helen, I’m planning on leaving the call center I work for. I got transferred to a new account and my new TL is gay and giving me a hard time (I’m a girl, and I’ve been told that I’m the “crush ng bayan” of the floor. IKR). Anyway, I still have a lot of leaves; will I get more money when I file for resignation? Will my leaves be converted when I get my last pay? -Princess, Batangas BPO


Hello Princess, you still have two options left. You can collect evidence against your TL for the times he gave you a hard time (though admittedly, it’s really hard to prove allegations of “pinag-initan”) or, if you are convinced that you really don’t want to deal with your TL and just leave, then please make sure that you inform HR of the reason on why you are resigning. The good thing about unfair people is that they are creature of habit – you will not be the first person your TL will treat unfairly, and once a pattern becomes apparent, your HR will most likely take action.

Ok, now to your question. You will need to check with HR on their policy on leave conversions. But based on standard practice:

  • Vacation leaves are not commonly convertible to cash. As an employee, you are expected to utilize your VL allotment for the year within the year. Please don’t ever ever allow your VL’s to expire as it is your right. And please please manage your VL’s – use them for when you want to do personal business such as attending wakes, weddings, or visiting someone in the hospital, or more importantly, use your VL to take a break from work: go on a vacation!
  • Sick Leaves can be convertible to cash, because a call center would rather motivate you to be healthy and to be at work 100% of the time. When you get sick and don’t go to work, the call center does not operate efficiently. But again, not all call centers convert SL’s to cash.

The problem is that leave conversions are commonly given based on a schedule, usually at the start of the year, and it may be that resigning forfeits these benefits. In the end, it will be best to check with your HR partner.

Princess, if you need extra cash, it might be better to hold off your resignation until at least you have saved up. This way, you will have money for applying for a new job, and when you get hired, you will have money to go to work at least until you get your first sweldo. Good luck! –Ate H.


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