Advice: Alcoholism and Friends!

Dear Ate Helen, I think my friends, I think nagiging alcoholic na sila. Every time na lang, after we get our salary, we go out and go bar hopping. I’m fine with this, but I think it’s getting too much. Dati, we just go to Starbucks and hang out, now parang, pag walang alcohol, we can’t have fun. -Peps, Paranaque BPO


Dear Peps, in my opinion, there is nothing wrong with having a few drinks to unwind, but it looks like your group is moving on to the habit of drinking instead of drinking to just celebrate a birthday or promotion or to just chill out after a hard week of working.

Here is what you can do. Just be honest. With true friends, it is fine to just share your thoughts and suggest other “after sweldo” activities (I’d give suggestions like go to the movies or play board games but these may come off as lame to you guys. Look at your group, what common interests do you guys have? Do you all follow sports? Maybe watching a live game is something that will interest everyone).

If this does not work, then I have a bit of a radical tip: in our BPO we actually have some agents who have two to three core groups (during my time, they call it a “Barkada”, not sure what the millennial’s use these days). If you have a hobby of biking, maybe there are two or three other agents who are into biking as well? There are a lot of things you can do, and surely, getting more friends can never be a bad thing. –Ate H.


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