2017 Mr. and Ms. BPO Pageant Mentors Unveiled!


The 2017 Mr. and Ms. BPO Pageant mentors were recently unveiled at the Discovery Primea (hotel sponsor), in Makati City – and from what we’ve seen – it looks like this contest will be guided by the best and brightest in the country!

Five on the Floor!


Here are the five mentors:

  • Jennifer Hammond, Bb. Pilipinas Intercontinental 2016 – to help guide the candidates on the essential skills of grooming, styling – and the all important beauty queen walk!
  • June Macasaet, Manhunt International winner – will also provide guidance for style, and how to professionally carry oneself as a male contestant
  • Jonathan Yabut, The Apprentice Asia Season 1 Winner – will help the candidates in terms of succeeding in the nerve wracking Q&A section of the pageant
  • Mauro Lumba, Century Tuna Superbods winner – for Health and Fitness
  • Ruby Mañalac, Emotional Intelligence expert, to help build confidence!

These five are tasked to help prepare the candidates as they compete in the first BPO beauty pageant of the Philippines.

The Call Center Crush ng Bayan is the Key!

Common! Every call center has a crush ng bayan CSR, this person may be too shy to join, so go ahead, time to kick the kanchawan to high gear – and if your candidate agrees to participate, pushAUX is very sure that getting the support of your BPO-call center won’t be too hard!

Also note the prizes!

  • The winning pair will each get P300K each, and their BPO/call center will also get P150K
  • The first runner ups will get P200K each, and their BPO/call center will also get P100K
  • The second runner ups will get P100K each, and their BPO/call center will also get P50K

Other Details!

The 2017 Mr. and Ms. BPO Pageant is supported by the Philippine Tourism Promotions Board. The event director is Calvin Neria.

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Photo borrowed from Norman’s Blog. Click HERE to visit Norman.